Rabble Rousing

Rabble Rousing

Rabble Rousing: Turner Syndrome & Stories of Butterflies, co-edited with my wife Elizabeth, is a passion project.  My first ten edited collections/textbooks were all developed for university presses and major publishers, and they were crafted solely for an academic audience.  They were all work.  Rabble Rousing is a gift.

Turner Syndrome manifests in as many as 1 in 2000 live female births, yet its existence is largely unknown.  Rabble Rousing is a collection of stories by women born with TS and by the people who love and support them.  It is available for free under the imprint of my Limping Gecko Press, LLC.

Rabble Rousing is available in the following formats:

Rabble Rousing, 1st Edition (PDF)


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