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Select Academic Essays & Book Chapters

Co-Author with Marcia Kmetz.  “Divided We Stand: Beyond Burkean Identification and Back Again.”  Rhetoric Review 30.3 (2011):  275-92.

“Remaking Romero.”  Fear, Cultural Anxiety, and Transformation: Horror, Science Fiction, and Fantasy Remade.  Ed. Scott Lukas and John Marmysz.  Lexington, KY: Lexington Books, 2009.  61-82.

Co-Author with Marcia Kmetz and Crystal Broch Colombini.  “’It’s been a long learning process’: An Interview with Edward M. White.”  Composition Studies 37.1 (2009): 87-99.

“The Islamization of Rhetoric: Ibn Rushd and the Reintroduction of Aristotle into Medieval Europe.” Rhetoric Review 27.4 (2008): 341-60.

Co-Author with Edward M. White.  “Elbow as Icon.”  Writing With Elbow.  Ed. Pat Belanoff, Marcia Dickson, Sheryl I. Fontaine, and Charles Moran.  Utah State UP, 2002.  48-58.

Co-Author with Theresa Enos. “Authority and Credibility:  Classical Rhetoric, the Internet, and the Teaching of Techno-Ethos.”  Alternative Rhetorics:  Challenges to the Rhetorical TraditionEd. Laura Gray-Rosendale and Sibylle Gruber.  Albany: State U of New York P, 2001.  93-110.

“The Trinity of Portfolio Placement:  Reliability, Validity, and Curriculum Reform.”  Writing Program Administration 23.1/2 (Fall/Winter 1999):  7-27.

“Critical Surfing:  Holocaust Denial and Credibility on the Web.”  College Teaching  47 (Spring 1999):  44-47.

…and my first academic publication, accepted the day I had my first date with the woman who ultimately became my wife.

Co-Author with Darin Payne.  “Starting with What We Share:  Indiana Jones, Language Arts, and the Rosetta Stone.”  Washington English Journal  18 (1996):  24-30.

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