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I am a managing editor at Lucky Bat Books, “Where Savvy Authors Publish Authors,” so please refer to their website for information regarding editing services that are offered.  You can always start at my managing editor page and work outwards from there.

If you’re tired of the endless search for an agent, the wasted hours sending manuscripts to traditional publishers, and the lack of profit that comes with most publishing “opportunities” within the literary industrial complex, then take a look at Lucky Bat Books, where authors never give up creative control of their work…or complete ownership of the work, either.  LBB provides a range of services-for-hire, from textual editing to cover design, but the creative work itself never belongs to anyone but its author.  Unlike other e-publishers, LBB takes on projects only if its editorial team determines that the work can likely be profitably published by the author, and LBB holds neither the right of publication nor the royalties.  All such rights remain with the work’s creator, as they should.

There’s an unavoidable irony at the foundation of our work as writers:  We spend years honing both our writing abilities and our abilities to edit and revise.  We write and work with other writers to make our work even better.

Then we send our writing out for publication…and just live with the decision that an editor makes.  It’s foolishness of the worst sort.  If we know our work is good enough that someone would pay to read it, then there’s no sense in waiting for someone else to confirm that judgment for us.  The logic of the marketplace has changed, now that writers can e-publish directly to/for their readers.  Are you ready to publish?

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