Ongoing Projects

NOTE:  While I continue to work on the project that’s described below, I’ve cancelled my book project contract.  The research on Blair is…odd.  I don’t think he lied about anything he did, exactly, but I’m questioning some of his claims.  And that kind of research needs to be done in the archives, not online.  I don’t have the time or means to manage it right now.

Currently, I’m doing the deep research on my 3Xs-great grandfather, Seth Millington Blair, to see if it’s worth pursuing a longer, book-length project. He was instrumental in the founding and flourishing of Utah, where he did everything from editing a newspaper to serving as Brigham Young’s defense attorney. He was a deputy marshal of police in Salt Lake City, a major in the Texas Rangers, and a major in the Nauvoo Legion–after starting, in his youth, as a member of the cavalry of the Republic of Texas.

He had six wives–mostly at the same time–and 27 children.  Not counting a significant number of infants who died within their first year…their deaths noted often in an offhanded way in his journal.

He was an interesting guy…but all that, plus leading several wagon trains, doesn’t necessarily make him worth researching for several years. So I’m still thinking through the project, figuring out how to write about family, Mormonism, and a man who seems to have been Brigham Young’s strong left hand. A man ignored in the history books, pretty much across the board.

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