About Me

SBShane Borrowman teaches writing and editing…plus popular literature and studies in horror cinema, particularly zombie films from 1935 to 2010. He earned a BAE and two MAs from Eastern Washington University and a PhD from The University of Arizona. Since 2001, he has taught at Gonzaga University, the University of Nevada, Reno, and the University of Montana Western, where he served as English Department Chair from July 2012 through April 2016.

Shane left Montana several days after graduating from high school and didn’t come back for 23 years. He drove out of Montana with his best friend, his love of macro-beer, and his 1981 Chevy Citation. Returning, he brought with him a profession, a family, and an inexplicable hatred for one specific (former) New England Patriots’ quarterback.

As Dr. Borrowman, he is editor or co-editor of multiple books, including Trauma and the Teaching of Writing, On the Blunt Edge, and The Cost of Business—and author or co-author of dozens, possibly even scores, of articles (on topics ranging from teaching writing to the history of boxing to medieval studies of Arabic Aristotelians). He is probably the only living writer to publish in Fourth Genre and to win Rhetoric Review’s “best article of the year” award, The Rupert Radford Trust Award. (Those two things did not happen in the same year. Or even in the same decade, actually. That would have been even more cool.)

His office is less than 70 miles from the Butte, Montana, hospital where he was born. This gives him great pleasure.

As the last member of his family in this piece of the world, the responsibility for a significant amount of grave maintenance has dropped into his lap; awash in memories of a Montana childhood where he was surrounded by his great grandmother, most of her eleven children, and their own extended families—plus his father’s people—this lived experience has led into a lot of memoir. The current manuscript of stories about these people, long loved and long gone, begins, “When I visit the dead, I take a lawn chair.”

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